Training Services

In addition to ABLR’s course offerings, ABLR provides advanced training for those interested in becoming a mediator or sharpening their mediator skills. This training is also a beneficial way to learn the mediation process for attorneys or business managers who represent clients in mediation.

Topics include:
    1. Understanding the mediation process
    2. Mediation styles
    3. When is mediation useful?
    4. Role of the mediator
    5. Ethical issues
    6. Handling the preliminary conference call and pre-mediation meetings
    7. Conducting the mediation session
    8. Handling special issues
      • Emotional issues
      • Cultural, racial, gender differences
      • The caucus
      • Overcoming impasse
    9. Helping the parties after the mediation session
    10. Focusing the parties on preparing a settlement agreement
    11. Choosing a mediator
    12. Role play exercise
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