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Judy Weintraub and Harrie Samaras, Is Workplace Conflict Eating Up Productivity? Count to 10, Philadelphia Business Journal. November 25 – December 1, 2011. See Article.

Harrie Samaras (Editor/Author), ADR Advocacy, Strategies, and Practice for Intellectual Property Cases, ABA Publishing – Intellectual Property Section of Law (2011).

Harrie Samaras (Developer), Due Diligence Evaluation Tool for Selecting Arbitrators and Mediators, CPR International Institute  for Conflict
Prevention and Resolution (August 2010).  See Article.

Judy Weintraub, Partnerships – It Takes Two; Interview with Judy Weintraub — Look Before You Partner. Smart CEO, Thursday, July 2011.   See article at:

Judy Weintraub and Harrie Samaras, Conflict Management Can Nip Costly Disputes in the Bud, Philadelphia Business Journal. July 29 – August 4, 2011.  See Article.


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