Consulting Services

ABLR assists companies with the development of strategies to resolve disputes or conduct negotiations as well as the development of conflict prevention programs. ABLR also offers facilitation services to maximize the productivity and efficiency of executive meetings.

Case Evaluation — Your company is embroiled in a significant dispute with another company and it is headed towards an adjudicative process such as litigation or arbitration before a judge or  arbitrator.  ABLR has experienced arbitrators who can evaluate the strength of your presentation (e.g., your arguments/evidence or both parties arguments/evidence) and suggest changes to strengthen it.  Or, ABLR can arrange for a mock jury to hear a modified version of your trial to assess the strength of your case and to learn areas of improvement.

ADR ConsultingPreparedness, Design of Process, Pre-dispute clauses.

  • Just as preparation is an important factor to success in litigation, so it is in Mediation and Arbitration. The strategy and preparation needed to achieve succesful results in mediation differs substantially from what is needed for success in litigation or arbitration.  ABLR has experienced mediators and mediation advocates who can assist you in developing and implementing a mediation strategy to help you achieve beneficial results in the mediation.
  • You may have a dispute that you would prefer not to litigate, but there is no contractual provision providing for any form of ADR. We can help you analyze the different dispute resolution alternatives, determine which process would be most beneficial to resolve the dispute and provide suggestions for presenting it to your opponent. 
  • In future contracts you may wish to avoid litigation altogether or attempt alternatives before resorting to litigation. Parties often times negotiate a pre-dispute resolution clause for these purposes. ABLR professionals can help you analyze the different dispute resolution alternatives, determine which process would be most beneficial for you and assist you in drafting and negotiating the provision

Conflict Management Program — Studies show that on the average managers spend roughly 25% of their time resolving disputes in the workplace.  ABLR professionals can assist you in developing a conflict management program that will resolve workplace disputes expeditiously and inexpensively, and free up valuable time for your managers so they can focus on your business.

Negotiations — Whether the opportunity to persuade is in a mediation, contract negotiation, settlement discussion or other major negotiation, obtaining an objective view about your negotiation strategy and approach can go a long way to helping you reach your goals.  ABLR has experienced negotiators who can help you in the planning or preparation stage, oversee the negotiation or even conduct the negotiation for you.

Facilitating Meetings — ABLR provides expert facilitation services to maximize the effectiveness of your important meetings and enable you to achieve meaningful results by:

  • Promoting full participation
  • Leveraging diverse points of view
  • Minimizing disruptive behavior
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Analyzing systematically problems and alternatives
  • Maintaining focus on objectives
  • Achieving consensus and buy-in
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